Johnny Vedmore

Follow me @JohnnyVedmore. I'm a UK based Singer, Songwriter, Political Investigative Journalist, Legalise Cannabis Advocate and Leader of UWIP The United Wales Independence Party. Host of Proper Gander on BitChute and YouTube. FREE WALES!!!

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Hannah for Hannah Cullwick
2 months ago
Crocus and Hartshorn washed off knives. A 'Dumb Waiter' delivers perriwinkles. The Footman's pantry is empty. Gall of Bullock and Beeswax shelved for future need. 'By cane or by birch the clergyman sh...
Our Fathers...
3 months ago
Sickled tongues chopping the tall trees, Racist and sexist with every remark. I embark on the same journey as thee, But I occupy a different pit of shit and despair. Surrounded by the dead whom share ...