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On a Dreary Wednesday Night Listening to Leonard Cohen
6 months ago
"Hineni, hineni I'm ready, my Lord..." Leonard speaks the verses but he sings this chorus in his low, raspy voice His unmistakable tone rings through my speakers tonight It rattles the desk like his b...
6 months ago
To keep peace, we both know that I’ve tried but there are moments when I really despise being the good guy. And there are times when I just want to pick up the phone, dial your number but it’s a shame...
Starving for the Spotlight
7 months ago
She said, "I want to reach for the stars and pull down the sky." She was determined to leave this small town behind. Following her dreams led to a downward spiral and those who claim to know her today...
7 months ago
We start this battle with a rhythmic dissing, a fierce competition where an extensive vocabulary is your only ammunition. Like Rufio and Peter Pan, you know you've had a good punch line when the Lost ...
Monster Behind the Mask
7 months ago
Sometimes, I must admit that I'm impatient. I'm so sick of holding my tongue when I want to speak. It's the equivalent of holding my breath when I want to breathe. I keep all of my emotions held close...
7 months ago
I was told when I was younger not to run with scissors in my hands. Well, now that I'm a father, I tell my children the same thing. Take into consideration the manifestation of that gravitational pull...