john noakes

I like to be vocal at times it helps

For You
2 years ago
Today is a new start. A chance for us not to fall apart. A chance I could capture your heart. I want you more everyday. Everyday it seems you slip further away. Not today, today I will be mindful. Tod...
2 years ago
Today is all smiles. It's great to see that glimmer in your beautiful eyes. I wonder if I could persuade you to look past my imperfections? Not see the flaws I see in myself. Today is all smiles. I lo...
The Phoenix
2 years ago
Today was meant for flying. Today there are no tears for crying. Today I am going to shine. Today I am no longer blind. I am a barer of light. I am the cold darkness of night. You may never even see t...
Coming Around
2 years ago
She is out there. She is slowly killing my soul. I turn to her for comfort. She does not love me. I would dare to say that she did not care. I am tired of losing. I am tired of settling. Tired of her ...
What's Going On?
2 years ago
What if I gave you all of me? Would you ground me? Would you drown me? Would you ever doubt me? Would you want to be around me? Do you think I would still be fighting? Would you have ever stopped tryi...
2 years ago
I just stood there jaw dropped open staring into the darkness in utter disbelief as she stood there steady lying. Mocking me as a cold wind blows while flashes of light ignite in the night sky. She is...