Jessika Lazala

Jessika Lazala is a teacher and writer from Springfield, MA. Her writing is motivated by trauma, love and loss. You can find more of Jessika’s writing on her portfolio website, 

Twitter & IG: jjessknowsbestt

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Vanilla Embers
2 months ago
the gala dragged on the patrons yawning yearning for the clock to strike 8. as i approached the bar johann strauss’ blue danube began painting a picture of peace. enamored, i watched twin flames bounc...
Old Friends
2 months ago
my depression whispers "you should just sleep here" ​when i sit on the couch after a long day. she haunts me like the souls stuck in Hill House, and all the humming i do won't keep her out my head. my...
2 months ago
you can tell a lot about someone from their shoes. a good egg, a drifter, an artist. the shoes of this one scream in tongues, bellowing from deep in her gut. "help me!" they cried "i'm all alone, i ha...