Jessica Portnoy

love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

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Make Me Forget
4 months ago
my head lying on your chest syncing your breath with mine tears ran down my face you didn’t seem to mind until I looked up And realized You are fast asleep not wondering why My sorrows are spilling on...
6 months ago
A star in the night sky is beautiful. Yet, so lonely. Shining in the dark abyss, trying to light the blackened night. Her effort goes unnoticed, for she is so insignificant compared to the alluring mo...
Honey Bee
7 months ago
for the longest time, I wish I could hurt you back make you feel the heartbreak the crack for the longest time, I thought this was the sweetest revenge have you hurt in the way I did inject it into yo...
Fine Wine
9 months ago
feed me poison through your kiss red like wine seduce me into your darkened abyss drunken state sober thoughts I think it's fate when it's really not your kiss is sweet but also bitter like a fine win...
Ghost in My Bed
9 months ago
I sometimes wake in a panic gasp for air turn around and look for you, lover but you're not there am I wrong? for wanting you still? craving your body needing to fill that empty spot in my bed where y...
10 months ago
I thought your love was endless Summer, spring, winter, fall. the leaves leave their branch And end up alone, The earth loves them still. Just like you did, Or so I thought. I have discovered That the...