Jessica McGibbon

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Leave Me Be
5 days ago
The noise is too much for me Please just leave me be I can't handle the sounds They knock me onto the ground Maybe I'm the only one I just can't get anything done My head is killing me And I just can'...
5 days ago
I want to walk among the stars To go and see where the farthest are To orbit around planets I would never stay still I'd race with the comets Never caring if I win In space, I'd be all alone No one to...
You Used to Be My Friend
6 days ago
I trusted you But you walked away Said things that you promised you'd never say I thought we were friends But I was just an obstacle in your way A broken toy to throw away You were supposed to always ...
6 days ago
The memories of him are still there A part of me cherishes them But he was mean to me He didn't like me or care for me But I thought of him anyway He was everywhere I admired him from afar Because up ...
9 days ago
I could live to see a hundred years and still be amazed at all the colors in the world I used to look through kaleidoscopes because I love how the colors swirled But then I realized the world was just...
I May Be Lost
9 days ago
With every day that I live, I just feel more lost I look at the world through a mirror covered with frost It blurs and distorts everything I live in an endless winter longing for spring I am a bird wi...