Jenny Beck

I am a chiropractor, health advocate and advocate for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. I love to travel and spent several years working overseas in Indonesia and Ghana. @aslchiro- Instagram

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The Movement of Life
3 months ago
Steam rises from a dusty street A microphone squawks The call to prayer rising through the heat Dawn breaks and the day begins. A hazy sun fills the sky Mosques echo With a prayerful cry Worship begin...
The Window
4 months ago
Staring through the glass Waiting for the time to pass Isolated Sunrise and night fades Warm sun and dark shade Frustrated Sunset and shadows fall Wishing you could embrace it all Loneliness Night com...
The Butterfly
6 months ago
Gossamer wings A fragile thing Floating in the warm air Seemingly without a care An image of light Beautiful and bright No one knows the darkness it endured The blackness it knew before Inside the coc...