Jaz Leigh

Hi there! I’m Jasmine, but I write under the name Jaz Leigh. I am a Derby based book blogger and writer. My book reviews and author interviews can be found on my website - www.jazleigh.wixsite.com/online-bibliophile 

Twitter: @JazLS98

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Pretend By Day
10 months ago
Here I stand, Upon this cliff With raging nerves And body stiff. Down below, The angry waves Await the girl That no one saved. The voices scream Inside my head. They tell me I'd Be better dead. I've s...
10 months ago
'P' is for people, 'Cause that's what we are. We all have the same blood, Same organs, same heart. 'R's for respect; It's what we should give. That's what we've been taught Since we were kids. 'I's fo...