Jay Briggs

Hello world ! I'm a cool young guy living in Vero Beach, FL ! Writing poetry has always been my thing ! Recording and writing music also falls in one of my talents ! ;-) There's a lot more about me but for now we'll just leave it at that :)
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Bottom of the Bottle
a day ago
Kill the emotions... Kill the emotions... Kill the emotions ! Empty bottles on the dresser; just to kill the depression. Or maybe it's to feel alive, and let go of what you're stressing. Maybe it's to...
Reach for the Stars
7 days ago
Just like every other soul, there's a plan for me. A plan for greatness, a plan to succeed... an idea to conquer every goal that you see. Yes failure is a must, because then you can teach, how every h...
A Mistake
19 days ago
I thought you were the one, but I was wrong all along. You were like a new radio, that played the same song. How could I be so stupid ? I was blinded by lust. You had everything I wanted, except for t...
After The Storm
a month ago
What a feeling it is, when the wind hits your skin The storm has passed, and the sun is your friend The trees are smiling, and so casually blowing Not too far from sight, a rainbow is showing I'm amaz...