Jason Giecek

A poet who cannot rhyme, a dreamer who dreams in reality, realist who gave up realism last week as part of his plea agreement. The courts got nothing!! Nothing!

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Wearing a Mask
2 months ago
I've instantly become that grinning mask that carefully hides my face, I've sold myself to my elaborate disguise, That intentionally hides my lasting disgrace, I've lost my way, To find my way home!
A Dream Burned to the Ground
3 months ago
A city, That savage tribe, Sitting back, Gently holding their eager eyes shut, The impenetrable blackness lulling them into a false sleep, A fantastic dream, To catch eagerly, To hold tenaciously, To ...
Love Is But a Memory
3 months ago
You are my life, You are my forever, When I see you in the glass, I wish you were here, So I could hold you forever, Kiss your sweet lips, Make sweet love to you, Forever, Inside my head, Looking at y...
A Suicidal Love Story
3 months ago
A suicidal love story, A Memory, A kiss, A lie in a bed, Both of us naked, In suitful lustful pursuits, Trying to find ourselves, We decimate, I still to this day, See your face, Kissing me, Moaning i...
Rain Drop Suicide
4 months ago
It was a typical afternoon, I was sitting, As I always do, There by the fire, My hands on my lap, It was tiring, A daily event, Getting up, Every day, Cheerful, At least outside, That mask, Almost rea...
A Beautiful Day
4 months ago
A beautiful day, To dance in the rain, We stood there, Ourselves, Our souls divided, To see the setting sun, To fly, High, Into the sky, To feel alive, To feel, The Earth is spinning, Bring the giant,...