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4 months ago
Alarm clock screams 7:15 Time to get up and get the day started Wake up my oldest for school And stumble to the bathroom Bottle in hand While the water warms I check and see That its negative ten degr...
Low-Income Housing
4 months ago
I walk these streets and ponder Where does everything meet up Will the roads ever just end They twist and turn And some overlap Some say they are confusing Most say you have to live there to understan...
Best Friends (Come to an End)
5 months ago
You told me you cared. You promised me you'd always be there. You held me close when I was scared. You wiped my tears away when I cried. Now all of that is ending. You’re leaving our friendship on the...
I Love You
5 months ago
So many people, Too many times, I want to know I can, Instead of knowing I can’t I want to be able to learn to trust I want to know that not everything I do is wrong That I can do right sometimes I ne...
Now You Say
5 months ago
now you say that you still love me now you tell me that you need me now you say that you want me after you stop talking and then go and break my heart tell me why I should believe you after all you br...
a year ago
I let you Devour me From the inside Out. How could I Have been so Stupid I can't believe I trusted you Let you in I told you everything! And this is how You end up Repaying me?! All I did was Love you...