Janetta Poitra

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7 months ago
I let you Devour me From the inside Out. How could I Have been so Stupid I can't believe I trusted you Let you in I told you everything! And this is how You end up Repaying me?! All I did was Love you...
I Need You
7 months ago
I love you Three words that mean nothing When used by a guy Just three simple words That always become a lie What am I to do When I'm falling for you And you don't understand That it wasn't me Who tor...
Love of a Mother
7 months ago
These little fingers These tiny toes Your little eyes Your little nose Your smile Your laugh The way you dance Your little calves It's amazing how much love In someone so tiny Everything about you is ...
7 months ago
Sometimes bad things happen So good things can take their place Sometimes we go through hurt and pain So we can get stronger Sometimes when we become happy It's hard to make a smile cross your face So...
7 months ago
Please take this pain from my broken heart. And make me happy again. I can't take the pain much longer. I'm afraid to date you, afraid to get hurt again. But all that leaves when I'm in your arms and ...
7 months ago
Why do we try to hold on to the things that will end up hurting us the most? Why do we try to hold out strong when we are weak? Why do we cry over people after they end up hurting us? Why is it so har...