James Wijesinghe

Studying English at the Universities of Exeter and Otago.

Keen writer and journalist. 

Eyes never too far from a window.

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As I Watch the Tides Change
17 days ago
They say that home is where the heart is, But what if your heart isn’t Home? I hope to be Noah’s dove So I could fly above the azure desert To you, my love. While on this Odyssey, Would you be my Pene...
17 days ago
Look! It’s her From the screens, the posters and the magazines. You don’t remember? Too young. Everyone loved Sandy. Men said “She’s an hourglass, That girl, What a waist.” Her basket boasts potions, ...
The Gardener of Eden
a month ago
Busy life climbed before the fool Fell for greed - entwined, expelled. Parchment pools were opal lagoons “And it was good.” Why, by stubborn trunk still rooted Must man hack at its great Knowledge? Th...
Man Up
a month ago
"Man up." The last two words heard before the jump. Man down. Knackered, they scraped Him From the tarmac like chewed gum – Spat out and Flattened in a fleshy puddle of blood and dirt. If suicide is t...