James Wijesinghe

Studying English at the Universities of Exeter and Otago.

Keen writer and journalist. 

Eyes never too far from a window.

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Cutting the News of the World Down to Size
5 months ago
Suddenly I see a headline. Blasts of leaden verse in presence of a mangled text. Take a newspaper. the classics in paraphrase! Take a pair of scissors, cut down on rebuilding clips of the type that wo...
As I Watch the Tides Change
6 months ago
They say that home is where the heart is, But what if your heart isn’t Home? I hope to be Noah’s dove So I could fly above the azure desert To you, my love. While on this Odyssey, Would you be my Pene...
6 months ago
Look! It’s her From the screens, the posters and the magazines. You don’t remember? Too young. Everyone loved Sandy. Men said “She’s an hourglass, That girl, What a waist.” Her basket boasts potions, ...
The Gardener of Eden
6 months ago
Busy life climbed before the fool Fell for greed - entwined, expelled. Parchment pools were opal lagoons “And it was good.” Why, by stubborn trunk still rooted Must man hack at its great Knowledge? Th...
Man Up
6 months ago
"Man up." The last two words heard before the jump. Man down. Knackered, they scraped Him From the tarmac like chewed gum – Spat out and Flattened in a fleshy puddle of blood and dirt. If suicide is t...