James Killmer

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6 days ago
Machine hums Insidious screeching Clattering belts and pulleys Parts connected by our pain-ridden hands Repetitive action Hands tendonitis Physically expended Time clicks by hour Slowly the end marche...
Grandfather's Clock
6 days ago
Tick, tac, toc sound of grandfathers clock Remember the time spent in watch His happy bright face so kind The loving face of the clock Ding, dang, dong goes the grandfather’s clock On the hour it chim...
So Long Friend
22 days ago
So long friend Hear the whistle blowing Boarding time one A.M. Riden' the Rock Island Rocket So long friend Got to leave you now Wish you could come with me On the last train out of town I’ll always r...
Open Your Eyes
23 days ago
Hey there is the sun gone to rise To brighten spirits, open eyes Will the world make it round today? Lord oh Lord, what will you do Life spins round around like a top Spinning spin to never stop To an...
25 days ago
Looking out upon the meadow a silhouette appears A cavalier in silvery armor rides forward On his gold enshrined horse Magnificence strikes upon her eyes Falling in love at first sight His presence st...
Sailor's Dream
a month ago
Old salty dogs, miles of ocean Ship of fools in the wind Have no home but the sea Brave men facing the challenge To meet their destiny Hands rough like bark on a tree Skin brown from rays of the sun S...