James Fristik

Hobby writer since I was 11 years old, with a passion for poetry and short stories. Grew up in a small town that I found a home in, and enjoy the quietness of my nature engrossed life. Lover of animals and owner of two black labs.

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Childhood, the Dream
10 months ago
Moonlight in my window tonight Illuminating the book pages for sight Stories of steads and great wars Creaks, as wind rumbles the floorboards Glancing out at the tundra-forest maze Reminiscing, a yout...
Turn the Page
10 months ago
Turn the page, carry on my son Chase your destiny, hear your song be sung Turn the page, carry on my son Yesterday is done, today has just begun Relinquishing my sword, a knight’s pledge to be reborn ...
That Smile
10 months ago
Wake me up, I'm dreaming Apple cheeks, nectar sweet Light as a feather, beaming Unbutton one, release the heat Absent-minded, innocent Focused; I can pretend Admiring; my only intent "Hi," sheesh, hea...
10 months ago
Picking up, it's that time again Where the road splits, my friend This is not goodbye, not yet Eyes weary, I’m going to watch the sunset Tired and hurting, a perfect place to heal A silent sky, artist...
Will, and the Men It Tests
10 months ago
Shaking, his hand reaches into the pocket, to pass off a cancer stick Pausing, as the wind shivers the bones, a stary night gazes down Light the fire for a puff, inhale, magic, what a kick Staring at ...
The Tale
10 months ago
The Tale, part 1 She was a beacon of felicity A gaze of alluring mystery Tickling the molecules of thy being Releasing endorphins; freeing A delight, weather light or night Tantalizing in voice and si...