Jakayla Gilbert

When I was younger all I did was write stories and poems. My dream was to be a writer but my grammar has never been good. I gave up on that dream until I found this and figured that you have to start small right. 

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The Tears I Cry
6 months ago
Hey daddy I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately I know I’m not five anymore but some days it’s still not real to me that you're gone I still have no memory of you but I still feel like you're ther...
6 months ago
Look into my eyes deep inside my eyes You will see a story no man has ever seen You will go places no creature would ever dare Once you enter there is no escape You will see there is no light at the e...
As I Walk
2 years ago
As I walk down this road I see That it will never change From infant to adult the road I have Walked will never change From darkness to light this road I walk will never change I sit back and stare do...
Where Are You
2 years ago
Where were you? I was lost in the sea of wonders, Floating down the stream of roaring Flowers until I stopped and found my Way across the land of ideas. I looked Up to a baby blue bird singing a tune....