Jai Storm

An avid writer who utilizes real life experiences and places them delicately onto paper for others to live vicariously through.

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a year ago
I remember this feeling, I know it all too well, Waking up this morning, Felt like a living hell, And I don't know where to go from here, I don't know what to do, Even my morning coffee tastes bad, Si...
Without You
a year ago
I haven’t said anything in a while Because I know how you feel And it’s like drowning in the ocean The waves are so surreal. I never thought we’d be here I’m trying but you can’t see It’s taking every...
Snake Skin
2 years ago
I have watched the splinters of wood fade in the sun before me, The leaves on the trees turn to brown and fall from their branches, I have felt the winter wind blow in across this field, I have travel...
2 years ago
Leather bound Etched in stone Written in ink on thin pages Dictate to me the law of my life Guide me with such grace Allow your mercy to flow through me The breath of life I receive The outpouring of ...
Asleep Yet Wide Awake
2 years ago
My eyes are open yet my mind is asleep, Trapped in the chains of my thoughts that run so deep, I would be better off to just let it go, But I care too much...that of which I’ve given my soul, Wrongful...
Be Silent
2 years ago
Keep silent, don’t wonder, Fear not, discover, Get lost, be found, Disappear, come home, The endless to and fro like the waves of the sea, Like night and day rushing over me, Reflections of the sun sn...