Jaecub Matthews

Been writing for as long as I an remember. Some of my writings emit darkness and despair. Others, are positive and upbeat. Writing, much like the smell of freshly burned cordite, is my therapy and coping mechanism. 

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Is It Me or What I See?
10 months ago
I see ignorance within the races. Ignorance within elemental places. Like we think the act is what makes us popular with our peers. But more so, I see it as a way of hiding our fears. Is it me or am I...
Behind Brown Eyes
10 months ago
There's a place in time, inside of my mind I roam freely. I search the skies, blind leading the blind, but no one needs me completely. Seeing these streets may defeat me, but you come and sweep me so ...
It's a New Quarter
10 months ago
I'm up because I haven't slept l, But because I'm cheerful doesn't mean I haven't wept. Sleep is fleeting when trying to formulate a plan, Sacrifice means everything if you're any kind of man. Perseve...