Jaden Bleu

I acknowledge myself to be a hopeful romantic, full of thoughts and emotions which I fight with day after day. I am a husband, father, dreamer, and lover of the simple things of life. Life is indeed precious! 

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Prayers for Her (Pt. 3)
22 days ago
Father, May she always sing your praises, in the most lyrical, gentle, splendid, phrases. Let her voice hit your ears like petals falling, let her worship be unhindered and never withdrawing. Place a ...
Prayers for Her (Pt. 2)
22 days ago
Father, Give her a sound mind, and a heart that is refined. Give her a sound mind, and a soul that is completely realigned. Give her a sound mind, and a mission that is fully defined. Break every gene...
Prayers for Her (Pt. 1)
22 days ago
Father, Bless and keep her for your purpose and plan, guide her in your ways so that she will always be your fan. But, that she would be more than, just a fan, but a tried and true follower who is rea...
Riding Down Retirement Lane
a month ago
So I suppose that this is it...Retirement Lane. Here I ride. Who knew social security would still exist? It does. Now I have the time to finally be me. Freedom. I am pretty much my own boss, doing as ...
Ladder Up
a month ago
Ladder up! Where ya wanna go? Step, step, step. Are you ready? Let's go on up. Everybody's climbing. They're all doing it. The ones higher up. No ifs, ands, or buts... Just go! Step, step, step. Headi...
Sentenced Photos
a month ago
Those moments were captured and sentenced for many years, attempting every time to hold back the trapped, long-forgotten tears. Even prison couldn't hold back faded memories, even bars couldn't hold b...