Jaden Bleu

I acknowledge myself to be a hopeful romantic, full of thoughts and emotions which I fight with day after day. I am a husband, father, dreamer, and lover of the simple things of life. Life is indeed precious! 

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Prayers for Her (Pt. 16)
3 days ago
Set her apart from the world and its dungeons of darkness. Set her apart from her fleshly desires and distracted paths. Set her apart so that you are glorified by, and through, her life. Set her apart...
Dear 16
4 days ago
Dear 16, I hear you loud and clear Even though I am older and not your peer Your age is significant And so are you Your thoughts are significant And so are you Your feelings matter And so do you Your ...
Prayers for Her (Pt. 15)
10 days ago
Father, Open her spiritual eyes to see your power so mighty! May she not take your word lightly. Open her spiritual eyes so she knows the enemy's wiles. May she be equipped with the stamina to walk th...
Treasure or Trash?
15 days ago
To many, poems are like little nuggets of gold, little mysteries that are exhibited and told. To many, poems are like the smell of refreshing flowers, the closer one looks, the stronger its powers. To...
Scary New World
17 days ago
At first, a New World Order sure sounds nice. But, are they going to try and kill us? Depopulation Plan? Agenda 21? What really is in those vaccines anyway? FEMA camps? Why must we go? Is this the bra...
Night on the Beach
17 days ago
It was our anniversary and we always wanted to camp on the beach. With each ocean wave, came another kiss. The nightly dew was already cuddling our tent and that was alright. The sand hugged our air m...