Jaden Bleu

I acknowledge myself to be a hopeful romantic, full of thoughts and emotions which I fight with day after day. I am a husband, father, dreamer, and lover of the simple things of life. Life is indeed precious! 

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Life to My Bones
a day ago
Worshiping you brings life to my bones, and power to my soul. Soul is made up of the mind, will, and emotions, and with all that I have, I long to worship you more. Away from your presence, I never wi...
What is a Wallabaloo?
a day ago
What is a wallabaloo? Is is like a kitten or a camel or a kangaroo? Is a wallabaloo kind of like a kuwala? Does it have bright colors like a mandala? Is it wild or tame? Why does it have such a silly ...
Get Thee Behind Me Anorexia!
2 days ago
Get thee behind me anorexia! You tried to destroy my body and my mind. You fed me lies all day and made me blind. You wanted to bring me to destruction. You tired to steal all of my cognitive function...
One Day
3 days ago
One day there'll be no more suffering. One day there'll be no more pain. No more shame. No more blame. And, we'll sing as one, unified! And we'll serve as one, justified! Halelujah! Halelujah! One day...
Short Ode to Love
3 days ago
Love is like a gentle dove that landed Love is true and perfectly candid Love originally designed to be unconditional Adding up the sums, additional Love came down like a babe at Christmas time If onl...
Shine Brighter
3 days ago
You now have the right, to send forth the light. Child of the day you now are, and at night, like shining star. Shine brighter, shine brighter! Hold tighter, hold tighter! Cause' the world will try to...