Jacob Jackson

Northern Actor and Writer.

Instagram @jacojackso 

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Gone Before the Morning Sun
7 months ago
You are the hellfire that burns in my heart, blazing and eternal, I thought I knew desire, but the meaning changed when you came. When I felt the softness of your skin and kissed your lips, Tasted the...
The Lizard's Game
7 months ago
They tell us, there is infinite supply of money, That billions don't reside in the treasury, That there "isn't a magic money tree" They wrap us in a comfortable blanket of lies, Telling us "everything...
Fixing Glass
7 months ago
I knew I'd regret saying goodbye to you, I knew letting you go would fill me with pain, Indecisiveness is my enemy, it makes me afraid to take days as they come, I couldn't leap because I was so scare...
The Nullifier
7 months ago
“Congratulations! You matched with someone new!” “Local singles in your area! There just waiting for you!” “Looking for love! Find it here! You're perfect match is just a membership away!” Just a memb...
Remaking Eden
7 months ago
Greenhouse Gases Once an invisible threat, that people could pretend was a dark fantasy, “It’s a product of the Chinese!” Ignorance declares! Whilst he turns his orange form away, From climate change ...
The Deprived Youth
7 months ago
Life is not okay, And that's okay, I mean it's not like I'm actually breaking down over the relentless Santander overdraft fees, as life becomes a swirling vortex of chaos and manipulation, Overdraft ...