Jacob Jackson

I am aspiring actor, so naturally I enjoy and appreciate the arts.Through this blog I'll be publishing the poems I write and stories I'll be working on. So welcome to my blog! 

I Survived
5 months ago
Depression begins to fade, Like daylight in winter, The blue sky fades, Stars blaze, like sequins in a purple dress, that demeter wears, dancing across the night sky. It's time for relief, time for re...
5 months ago
I've not written in a while, Perhaps because I no longer have pain to savour, To cling onto, to hurt myself over, to allow myself to feel like what happened a long time ago was only yesterday. The sun...
Odyssey of Dreams
6 months ago
Stars die, yet shine brightly across the darkest regions of space, Their light travelling across eternity, To the very sparkles that shine our night sky, That guide the ships on their journeys home, T...
The Arena
7 months ago
Heartbreak was the fire that heated the forge in my heart, Hardening it in that strong alloy, encasing it in a metal so strong that no one could shatter it. Hellfire that burns the soul, forged this c...
Hollow Bones
7 months ago
Hi, I'm Jacob. I'm an aspiring actor, applying for drama school. I also write Spoken Word also known as Slam Poetry. The purpose of this blog is to show the poetry (Spoken Word) and other stories that...