Jacob Jackson

Northern Actor and Writer.

Instagram @jacojackso 

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Burnt Sienna
19 days ago
Take me back to yesterday, to where today's problems never came, When the world was a little lighter; the sun was much more brighter. Take me home to the place where I belong, Where rays of sunlight s...
Dust and Spotlights
3 months ago
I have no originality, no spark of creativity, my newness is a product of all that has been made before. I am a man, trying to cling onto the things he loves, before his hands become wrinkled and age ...
The Eagle Crash Landed
6 months ago
They speak of walls as though there's purity in division, as though walls can't be climbed, that they can't be damaged, That Banksy won't spray paint a picture of a Mexican child being bullied by the ...
6 months ago
Ah Seamus, I remember you resting by grandmas fire, you're legs in the air, expecting us to scratch your belly, your favourite thing. Or when we slept in a small beds, you'd come upstairs and rest you...
7 months ago
Who needs saving? Because I can't save you. Saving you is like pulling something out of molten tar, it strains my weakened arms. I'm desperate to pull you from that black oozing mass, yet my heart bra...
Little Ladybird
7 months ago
I saw a ladybird, Scuttling across a metal fence, As its home is ripped from the soil, Birds fly, as builders cry out “be careful” The police stay on guard, Whilst protestors contemplate how “thirty o...