J A Miller

Hello there! Im Jordan I am a college student in upstate NY. I am studying theatre in hoping to become a playwright and an author. I am using vocal to help me better improve my writting skills. Thank You!

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Sad Little Nightingale
8 months ago
Sweet nightingale flew into a branch. She went so high and she went to fast. Her neck got caught as she kicked and fought. She yelled but her voice could not be found. So the Nightingale sang as her t...
White Corner
8 months ago
A spider spun a web today. No wind blowing. A spider spun a white web on the white corner of a white secluded room. A cold drywall is its home. Pale dust is its neighbors. By its nature waiting still ...
9 months ago
So much crying and insecurities. Teardrops falling to the tip of a pencil. Gliding downward to the lined paper. Spinning letter and traveling words. Letter waving teasingly in front of young eyes. Sto...
9 months ago
Hard work with no pay. Limping with a fleshy peg leg. Tough labor with aches at the fingertips. A small heated space. Living check to check. Picking up pennies barely hanging with a weak grip. No job ...
I Would Eat Anything
a year ago
I would eat anything. I would devour anything. Anything Sweet. Anything Hot. As long as it's tasty. The very thought of getting something in my mouth excites me. Wrapping my tongue around anything hot...
Christmas Ornaments​
a year ago
I went downstairs to the family living room I went down the thirteen steps with excited legs I see the blinding yellow sun take over our empty living room I stared at the dead space of where our tree ...