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I Apologize
a year ago
Sorry, for the majority Is very hard to say A simple five letter word Makes the body shake and ache But saying it, makes a difference Little by Little, each and everyday. So today I apologize. To my f...
Living Dead
a year ago
I am drowning But yet, I can't seem to die I am drowning In a puddle of my own tears Holding on to love (of some sort) Sometimes there is no such thing As recovery So let's save what we can Before my ...
a year ago
Today I am happy It's one of my very few good days the wind on my skin hearts leaping without a care The world could be burning But Today, I am happy Ignoring the sounds around me Today I can fly, spr...
Behind The Mask
a year ago
Each Morning, I wake I put on a face I try and try And eventually, i smile It's not entirely real But not entirely fake Each morning, I wake. It's a scheme, I know A scheme but so real I think I forgo...
Songs of Me
2 years ago
See I wish, I could fly Hide where no one can find In a tower locked away Never seen a brand new day Oh how I wish and I pray I wish and I pray to see the light of day See I want to be strong Got my g...
2 years ago
Monsters Are they Real or are they Fake? Can I see them in trees Or maybe I can spot one in a lake Do they work with you and me Can they cook, can they clean? Questions that used to fill my younger mi...