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Figures of a Lady
5 months ago
Give me a mirror Let me see my reflection For my skin is not glowing and my hair is falling my eyes have burst its ducts and the river is filling blood replaces the water Like a miracle in Can'aan Smi...
Traits of My Future Husband
9 months ago
Eyes His eyes would see through my soul beyond the mask The broken bones My imperfections The cold beast, With a heart frozen Stone Cold. Touch His touch would heal My many wounds Fill many empty room...
What Is Love?
9 months ago
what is love? Is it the faint whisper, on the trees floating through the air getting caught on the breeze. Sometimes, when i sit in my little corner I find myself wondering what it means to me. Love. ...
A Plea
a year ago
When i was little I would dream of far away places Different people and Culture Many different races But i got older. Getting older Means dreams are harder to maintain We pack them and ship them in a ...
Brand New
a year ago
I am me perfectly so, I am free full of energy set ablaze, the fire within me I am Brand New Positive within I am just beginning Journey far I am willing, awake energized I am brand new Faith, love ad...
Caged Bird
a year ago
I read Somewhere Sometime ago, a question A question that resonated deep within me It was like, it was placed there for me. "Why does a caged bird sing?" It's difficult to answer But I think i know. I...