Isjah Matti Maria

For me life always has been about finding out who I was and who I wanted to be. I found myself during the worst part of my life (depression). Now I would like to share my story to show you that you're not alone.

Last Goodbye
a year ago
There is today, tomorrow is a waste. Why do they say life is a game you play. Do they really think I’m okay. While I’m walking further down the line. Telling them I am fine, I will be alright. But all...
A Letter to the Devil
a year ago
A letter to the devil There is a monster in my head. A monster that I locked up a long time ago, but he is like Einstein: smart enough to get out. To me he is like the devil, dark, black eyes and a bl...
You Saved My Life
a year ago
Dear K, Where did you go? Is it? Did depression come back? Do you think I don’t care anymore now? Don’t you wanna talk to me, I thought we made a vow. I want to help, please let me help. I want to tal...
Why Dad?
2 years ago
Why dad? I once had a dad that didn’t play the life fair Let his kids down because there was another pair You know in his eyes I was never growing up His girlfriend is stupid, I hoped for a break up B...
I Wrote You 365 Letters
2 years ago
"I wrote you 365 letters." was what I said after I came back from the war. "You never wrote me back." I was wondering why. She started speaking softly as her voice was: "I wrote." I turned around. "I ...
Poem: Get Me
2 years ago
Get me out of the scars I made Get me out of the darkened days, this isn’t great Get me out of the illness that plays with my mind Get me out of the hell I’m burning in, this isn’t kind Show me what y...