Isabelle™ Yefon

I'm a writer, Poet, Jurist and activist.

I have published a book on Amazon, titled, Nailah Dado and the White Man's Bread. 

Anticipating publishing another soon. 

Lost in You
10 months ago
As your warm hands encompassed me, my heart yearned to be in rhythm with yours. I have never felt more alive, As we swung together, under the full moon. Smiling from ear to ear and gasping at the awes...
Iron Lady
a year ago
Iron Lady. Birthed, first of two spawns; There were echoes of laughter, And strings of hallowed fetters. Like yin and yang, you were fair and the other, obscure. You forgot what it was to love yoursel...
2 years ago
Her dark, luscious hair flows majestically with the wind. Her oval perfect face glows and radiates even in the darkest deep. Her bottom as round as the most perfect sphere. Swaying her hips at your ga...
O Mine Soul!
2 years ago
Oh poor soul of mine. Oh how I strive everyday to delve into thy mystery , To chisel my form to thine perfection and expectation. Who am I truly? For every time I close my eyes to touch your essence, ...
2 years ago
I have loved you in silence. I have watched you from afar. You hold her dear and near. You say it's the Happiest you have ever been. I die silently inside. This is my fate. I'm forever stuck on writin...