Isabel Stevenson

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Don't Touch This II
8 days ago
(I'm Ready) trying to get back into the swing of things - trying to push myself over the edge of a cliff, to fall back into an uncomfortably familiar rhythm - trying to be ready, now. ready to? to fee...
Dawn With Words Like Notes
18 days ago
A streak - a smear like grease over the top half of the moon. An hour at the top of a web of ropes - spent listening and watching - seeing. The wind through the branches of a tree - through the souls ...
He Said You Looked Like a Painting
18 days ago
You've just finished your cigarette in the tree you can't stop thinking about - the tree you feel more connected to than any single person in your life. You're listening to the songs that rip your rib...
Which You
18 days ago
1. You made me someone I was not. You made me do things I do not want to remember — did you even recognize what you were doing, the effect you had on me? You told me you knew how manipulative you coul...
Ready for Blue
21 days ago
The past is a lot fucking easier to bury and leave behind when you're not walking through his graveyard, through his fucking shrine. Who needs a memorial — wouldn't we all rather just forget? Would we...
Heart-Shaped Dreams and a Splash of Liquor
21 days ago
All I know are tiny heart-shaped dreams, pastel and chalky and melting on my tongue before I can forget how they taste, before I can remember what they say. I can feel the weight of the new year, heav...