Isabel Stevenson

Isabel is an anthropology student in Boston. She rambles and runs on, and likes to walk in the cold at night. Most of these pieces were written on a walk in the cold at night.

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Every Always Now
17 days ago
Every night I have been dreaming of warmth and clouds and the soft indentations of fingers on wet sand. I have never been able to keep still - not in sleep, because I have to fight darkness and run fr...
Don't Touch This III
2 months ago
(Amenamy - Jon Hopkins Remix) cutting ties and breaking chains - chains from the ground to my ankles, and to my wrists. sitting and waiting and gathering the force - balling up thunder and shoving it ...
Don't Touch This II
2 months ago
(I'm Ready) trying to get back into the swing of things - trying to push myself over the edge of a cliff, to fall back into an uncomfortably familiar rhythm - trying to be ready, now. ready to? to fee...
Dawn With Words Like Notes
3 months ago
A streak - a smear like grease over the top half of the moon. An hour at the top of a web of ropes - spent listening and watching - seeing. The wind through the branches of a tree - through the souls ...
He Said You Looked Like a Painting
3 months ago
You've just finished your cigarette in the tree you can't stop thinking about - the tree you feel more connected to than any single person in your life. You're listening to the songs that rip your rib...
Which You
3 months ago
1. You made me someone I was not. You made me do things I do not want to remember — did you even recognize what you were doing, the effect you had on me? You told me you knew how manipulative you coul...