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Boylston and Mass Ave.
5 months ago
The smell of the city I got warm feelings from a Mike’s Pastries box on the train Like a warm haze in summer at the docks with a cannoli and a striped umbrella The temporary bliss we lived in Poor as ...
Crocodile Tears
5 months ago
You cannot tame a woman with half the strength I have - I was never meant to bend to the will of another And yet still I will give you everything I have to offer We had a broken beauty And still a bro...
'Postwar Chocolates'
a year ago
This is shameless self-promotion from a girl who just moved to the city and needs to make rent. I'm not sorry, because I'm proud of the work I've done to write and self-publish this book and the words...
I Always Smell Like Coffee
2 years ago
And you say the smell of coffee Gives you a headache And that one time in the movies My laugh made you feel embarrassed And somewhere along the way You stopped loving the smell Of my shampoo The shape...