Inure Muse

Inure Muse, is an author, artist, muse, poet, and spirit guide, who uses, alternative healing, socialization, philosophy, mindfulness, art, writing and music, to heal the mind. See "The Muse"  @find_inure_me  or simply "Book Me", to meet!

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Oh My God... Yes!
a day ago
Something about Tribe, "right's all life's wrongs." The melodic flow of Phife, Q-Tip, Ali-Shaheed, Jarobi Swear-to-God... "Changed my life!" Ever since, The People's Instinctive Travels and The Paths of Rhythm... I've been hooked! Buying almost all their albums. Like every fucking song... Memorizing every bar, and clever line, like my favorite, story books. I had to have them. I'd go to, HMV, Sam The Record Man, Play The Record, Or any store, who could, get me that s*** on tapes, CD, downloads.....
Um, Who?
2 days ago
Your face is, hardly familiar, I don't recognize that smile. Uh... Where'd you say that I last saw you? Last night. Had a bite. At the music hall? Hmm... No, I've never been there at all, but I've heard about it. They do punk or some s*** Well... So. Anyways, good night. It's fucking late and I got to do a thing, um, yea, right... What's your name? You. Nice meeting you! Bye. © Muse✌💋xo
a month ago
... I was going to tell you, this is the album, to which, I'm listening. While the rage and spite in my pen keep the ink glistening. I considered your... betrayal. I mean... I let you in. Broke my number one rule. Never....ever...fuck-a-fool. Never let emotions, tear your judgment apart. Aw, but fuck me. I had to use my heart. Trust glass, words... Instead of actions, "Something in the way" you fooled, me... Smelled like, teen spirit. So? I played the good friend... then the girlfriend... then t...
Just Words...
a month ago
Words, and sentiment... good intentions, and promises; that are never kept. And in the end, everybody's left, cold, heartless, broken, abandoned... desolate....and emotionally, spent. And when all else, fails? Some of us run to our nearest place of worship to repent. And when that don't work? Or when that, slit your wrists, Fox, CNN, CP24, BBC, bullshit news, on TV takes no social effect, put more fucking drugs on the streets, so these numbers can kill themselves off, and stuff more of their ass...
Natty... Dread
a month ago
Rise up, out of mental, oppression. There's no such thing as depression, just a jaded, "one-eyed-vision", responsible for the death, of the human spirit... And freedom of expression. Human, degradation. Mark of a Babylon, Beast. Disguised as Zion... Melancholy, Matrix... Rockafella feast Blood of Orion.. Water from wine, bread, from stone... Work, humanity, all the descendants of the stars, and their copper-colored, creators, to the bones. Relieve them of their history, Give them chains in lieu ...
I See You... XO
a month ago
I see you, I see everything you have hidden behind Apocalypse's guise too. The Book of the Dead; now Commandments. The Deluge... is now the story of, Noah and some fraudulent Jewish descendants... instead of Ziusudra's plight. A Sumerian Copper, colored king... One of many, like, my peoples kind. The Eve Gene... The A,B Z of DNA, and shit they never tell, you, about that... "junk DNA" or fused link... in Fibonacci sequence... to the Golden ratio behind your helix string. Collecting, 23 and me. A...