Ink Mouse

Hey everyone! Kinda cool to be here, my might be all over the place because of the things I'm interested in. I hope everyone likes my content and if anyone has any pointers or opinions I'm all ears!!

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Heart of Sapphire
3 months ago
My heart was dark, full of black soot and ash, twisting a darkening my hate. I thought I would be alone forever, never to be together, with anyone to love. As you happened, flames blistered into my so...
Venus and Mercury
3 months ago
To conversate, appreciate, all that is given, cause I give it my all, to you and beyond, to keep going infinity, sinfully, but he has forgiven me. But still not my decision to make, a high frequency y...
Making Love
3 months ago
As you hold my hand... I am forced to show you how I feel, a real feeling, connected through heart and soul. The electrifying heat warms us, a kiss leads us to it, its hard enough to stop, the satisfa...
My Heart
3 months ago
...she's the beat that won't stop, so much love... she turns down the ones who hate me, anyone who could try to break me. Picky eater, but she devours love, given me the only hope to take flight like ...
The Moon
3 months ago
Her skin pale, her mood swings the ocean, waves kiss the shore gently, as she hides her face, shy, she watches on. When full her beauty glows on us, giving me hope, howling... sing her a song of grace...
3 months ago
Open up a little, let me inside your mind, your soul, heart, and pride. Let us go the distance, no need to be so cold, warm up and guide me through to you and your desires. Light up the room, get hot ...