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Hey everyone! Kinda cool to be here, my might be all over the place because of the things I'm interested in. I hope everyone likes my content and if anyone has any pointers or opinions I'm all ears!!

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3 months ago
There's no question; I love you. For a time I was struck by you. Your voice sounded so beautiful, almost like a siren's song. There is not one thing that I wouldn't do for you. Your smile makes me for...
Shooting Stars
3 months ago
Making its path, it leads me to another stars of unity they flash across the sky above, this cosmic flow its streak of many motions and colors into the lake of the cosmos, the stars are numerous, twin...
3 months ago
It's great, it's far, and the path stretches wide, but I still walk From the deserts to the tundra I traveled, Day and night, day and night, one day I will be there. How far have I walked to get to yo...
I Love You
3 months ago
For the rest of my life and the Eons ahead, I still love you you have my heart and soul in your hands, you take care of me in my feelings for I trust you with them, my past slowly fade away as you reb...
3 months ago
I can't see me; the fog encloses the mirror, the mist never gets any dissipates. The room is dark; twelve candles are glowing The fog slowly clears as gently as it fell it rises. my vision is dark but...
3 months ago
Can't help but be me because it's what I was made to be, I don't care who judges me for it is me. To become who I am, who I want to be what God has made me is who I'm destined to be. I can hear the fu...