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Summer Is Too Long
7 months ago
Summer has gone on too long These days are far too boring And I’ve become rather lonely But surely this will end. The summer breeze that sings me sound to sleep Has never sounded so somber My memories...
Thoughts from the Ocean
7 months ago
So there I was standing in a pool of my own sorrow. Thinking tearful about tomorrow. The sprinkling water from the rusted shower head splayed in all different directions. It was slightly warm, and the...
7 months ago
Why do I feel the things that I do? I feel like It’s way past due For me to be over you Yet I’m still here wondering if you Think about me the same as you used to No more than friends I can do, and Go...
7 months ago
Oh how we happened. We were a never ending ride. It was intense, and exhilarating. I loved it. It’s weird how I spent more time falling out of love than I did falling in. I guess I get attached too qu...
7 months ago
There are days where I sit and think Pondering where I could be If only I had done this right What if I hadn’t had that fight These thoughts eat away at me But lately I’ve been trying to see That mayb...
7 months ago
I got used to the abuse I was addicted to you, it corrupted my view I knew I shouldn’t pursue, but it’s too late I’m already in a queue I craved the abuse, so I hung my own noose I longed for that hig...