I AM. Master of Arts

I love all forms of art and hope to create a master piece in each one before I die. I'm an alumni of Ashford University, double BA in Psychology & Sociology & MA in  Psychology. The art of thinking is the most appealing thing to me.

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The Dream
7 months ago
The Dream I dreamed of uniting Africa. Back to when being African was all that mattered and tribalism was the idea of the stupid and hateful, but it was just an idea. I dreamed of uniting each tribe into a nation, under one idea, that being the love of life above all other ideas. I dreamed of African kings throwing their crowns to the people in a gesture that would wipe out class-ism. I dreamed of Africa united under one government, where every citizen’s voice was heard, where the majority and t...
Calling Me
7 months ago
I hear you calling me mother Africa not the land—the culture I hear you calling me back to the spear Back to the chase of the gazelle like deer I hear Africa call me not the tribe not the king The poor war torn ones that sing I hear you calling me back to the shield Back to the field Where sticks we wield To fight off lions from the skins of our young I hear the sound of drums not of the warrior We are so much more The riddle cry of the witch doctor Belly dancers, all dancers throwing their feet...
Lost in Vocalization
8 months ago
Warning! If you are close to the one you love this poem may excite you to nymphomania. If you are taking any drugs that alter the senses, it is advised to wait three days as this poem is so hot it may...
Hear Me Roar
8 months ago
Listen, you can say what you want about me just as long as you don’t get on this here poetry. Can you feel these words addictive like crack? Heroin to your veins, actually heroin to your brains? These...
Tall Talk
8 months ago
“Brotha you got a long, fat, chocolate sleek sweet tasting treat, my ear drums slurp down your release,” she said. “What?” “I mean it goes so deep it stretches my intellect to its maximum!” she said. “HUH?” “Listen! It touches me immensely!” she said. “What?” “Listen! It’s that African drum deepness shaking my cervix its width and length are infinite. My eyes lose focus, my throat loses air, that’s why only screams are there!” She said. “What?” “Listen! You move me and my insides deeply my eardr...
Word Play
8 months ago
She came to me when I was about 2 or 3 saying, “Be my pimp use my letters to set minds free, but be loyal to me and I will always be in you.” So I thought about her offer until the dawn. But why do I need her when in truth with these words I am Bishop Don Juan? And so of course I cheated and I mixed, tricked these letters out and shit. Life is a bitch, and these letters help my soul deal with it. So I asked, “How with all these possibilities am I supposed to wed my temporal lobes, to only you, y...