heaven young

Hello, I’m Heaven, a 14 year old with a passion for writing songs and stories that pop into my head. I hope you enjoy my writing, I try my best to make it as enjoyable as possible ♥️

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5 months ago
I’ve been through some things that have made me who I am I can’t control it I don’t want to change it I can be a little clingy I’m sorry for being so needy But I just want your approval And I know it ...
Be Me
7 months ago
What you don’t understand is, I’m trying my very hardest to please you with everything I do. And what you can’t believe is, I’m not giving up, though I feel defeated. I’m not giving this up too soon. ...
8 months ago
You don’t know the first thing about strength, When the battle gets too hard, you run away. Put others before yourself in harm’s way, But I won’t let you get to me today. You think you have power over...