Harvest Knight

A girl caught between dreams and reality.

I Had a Vision in the Summertime
7 months ago
I had a vision, In the summer. In this vision, I was lying down on a metal-framed bed. My bed was slim and saturated with excrement. And I fastened my hazel eyes to the caving ceiling. In this vision,...
In December, I Had a Reverie
7 months ago
In December, I had a reverie. In this reverie, I resided in a wooden house That creaked with each footstep. It was gloomy within this home. In this reverie, I rested in a wooden chair That held my bac...
I Dream of a Place
a year ago
When I'm sad or hopeless, I dream of a place. A place where the sun shines so bright that the usual blue fog turns into variant shades of orange and yellow and red. A place where I'm on a rather large...