Hannah Payne

I write a bit of everything! I greatly appreciate every read and hope you enjoy 😁

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The Box
12 days ago
I’m kind of afraid Of the box in the corner The one that reminds me of you But that’s not why I’m afraid of the box in the corner that reminds me of you I’m kind of afraid of the box in the corner The...
A Piece of Art
4 months ago
Sitting here I ponder the true wonder of a piece of art With careful brushstrokes and precise movements, how does he know? Without intended attempt he understands my soul, my thoughts, my world of con...
Yes I Am a Snowflake
6 months ago
Yes I am a snowflake Not because a generation thinks I'm coddled. The same generation that taught me I was an individual with my own special traits. The same generation that bribed me with participati...
What Is There to Do?
7 months ago
Being polyamorous Doesn't mean things don't hurt We aren't open, we aren't friends with benefits We are together Together as one Two hearts connected Holding hands isn't just a comfort, It's a connect...
But I Love Them
7 months ago
I feel the chains surrounding me and my world I feel my emotions being constricted by society I feel the ugly judgement and disapproval But I know the truth But I love Them I walk down the street with...
All I See Is Fear and Shame
8 months ago
Seems simple enough to me Yet hard enough for her. The fear and shame she shows just kills She calls it love yet she shows it not Unless alone, away from the world. Why must we hide what we have? The ...