hannah irelan

just another sad poet.

8 months ago
Memories: They flee her mind, But they sit like boulders in her chest. She’s waited 18 years for this moment. 18 years long years spent reading textbooks about everything from The anatomy of the human...
Thank You, Donald Trump
a year ago
Thank you, Donald Trump. had it not been for men like you, women like me wouldn’t have felt the fire in their throat and water in their lungs. had it not been for the rocks in your mouth, we wouldn’t ...
Don’t Stop Crying Over Him.
a year ago
don’t stop crying over him. he wasn’t a fling, he wasn’t a mistake, he was the love of your life. even if it was only a few days, you would’ve done anything for him. for a moment, he was the most impo...
He Was There
a year ago
“she will be loved” was there to wipe the tears from my cheek when it was 2 a.m. and you were gone. “makes me wonder” was there when i was angry. 'give me something to believe in cause i don’t believe...
I Was Cleopatra.
a year ago
i was cleopatra with love in my veins and wholeness in my heart. you were mark antony with fire in your hands and rocks in your mouth. we called it love, what we felt so buried within. only, it wasn’t...