Hannah Easop

The difficult experiences of her life inspire Hannah to serve others, as well as to write honest and meaningful pieces full of real experiences and advice. She hopes her writing is able to bring hope to those suffering similar afflictions.

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Thief in the Night
9 months ago
It leaves me lifeless, yet aching: a corpse suffering in silence — hiding behind an overzealous smile, a forced laugh, a forged confidence. It leaves me straddling the line between chaos and nothingne...
Lemonade Stand
9 months ago
Let’s take our lemons and make lemonade. Let’s squeeze the sting from our pain until it becomes our poise, our passion, our purpose. Let’s sweeten the gashes on our souls until they become the gold in...
10 months ago
I have scars on the outside—you know— ones that lie on the skin, ones that come from enduring physical attacks: like when I fell off of my bike and scraped my knee; like when surgeons cut me open and ...
10 months ago
Just like a star experiencing a supernova, when I self destruct- when the entirety of my being collapses- when the darkness swallows me- I bring light to others; my pain becomes my experience, their h...