Haley Vandyke

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I Watched a Leaf Fall
10 months ago
I watched a leaf fall off the tree and flutter to the ground. Its scarlet color slightly stained with little spots of brown. I watched a leaf fall on the dirt, and thought it was like me. Because it l...
Hold It
10 months ago
Hold it in Hold it in Just a little longer. You can do it I know you can. Just try a little harder. Shut your mouth And close your eyes. Ignore all the distractions. Move your arms And your legs. Focu...
The Waterfall
10 months ago
Waves crash And foam bubbles It fills me with serenity. The bank soft and sandy, Invites me to its bed Where I contemplate eternity. I think of God All knowing and all powerful He listens to our pleas...
Final Chance
10 months ago
I wanted to tell a story About the politicians. But it’s so hard these days To get someone to listen. I tried to use the birds, And their far reaching tweets. But people, it seems, are deaf So I admit...
10 months ago
Why did you never call me beautiful? Why was it always her? Why did you compare us daily Why were neither of us ever enough Did you know that she would starve herself? Did you know that I would hurt m...
10 months ago
I know you don’t see it. I know you never did Everyone has told you But you never seem to listen. You’ve heard if trim your mother You’ve heard it from your dad Your friends have told you many times B...