haley spurrier

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5 months ago
Brown. But not brown. Not at all. More like honey in the summer when the sun hits it just right. The same color as we're driving down the road sharing memories and laughing together. Brown. But not Br...
You Part 2
6 months ago
You. You and your man bun. You and your guitar. You and your family. You and your friends. You and your adventures. You and your driving. You and your phone calls. You and your movies. You and your ga...
6 months ago
Words Sharp as knives Each one pierces my heart a thousand times I can barely breathe Why does it hurt so bad? Why do you hurt so bad? “I’ve had enough” Enough of what? Enough of me? I’m sorry Please ...
7 months ago
I don’t hate you But I should Because you did things I didn't think you would You hurt me And made me cry Sometimes you even Made me want to die I don’t hate you But I should Because you did things I ...
7 months ago
Seconds turn to minutes which turns to hours which turns to days with turns to weeks which turns to months which turns to years which becomes a lifetime. A lifetime of you. A lifetime where every seco...
7 months ago
I know that one plus one equals two but when I'm with you It's more like a half and a half equals a whole a whole soul a whole person Then another half comes along but it doesn't add up one whole plus...