Gwendolyn Guillory

I am 23 and just doing my thing. Writing is my release to the experiences on my journey through life! I hope you enjoy(:

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The Walk
8 months ago
The green trees make one beautiful machine Standing tall, hiding the smallest in between Glancing to the left the sun is to reflect On what it is to touch, and yet Glance to the right... nature has ar...
My Life on Pause
9 months ago
You wouldn’t understand the kind of hell I am in My brain pacing hectically within Was my life taken away? Leaving me with a horrid trail of dismay It felt like the sort Causing my mind to shift, twis...
By You We Are Led
9 months ago
Father Is down a path most have misread I now hold my gut as it is drenched with dread From words YOU produced Hurting our youth Tearing our souls Piece by Piece Taming us to be sympathetic … below yo...
Our Experiments with Pain
9 months ago
To be true to our version of real, we must first dip our toes into our experiments on pain. Sometimes with sorrow; Not knowing the outcome. always fixating on the image that pays no gain Until, one da...