Gabby Cushman

I am a writing student at Michigan State University, and creative writing has always been my passion. I mainly write poetry and fiction, but dabble in creative nonfiction and essays as well. Thank you for checking out my work!

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4 months ago
you can keep me in a locket, a tangled gold chain bouncing against your chest as you carry me wherever your traveling feet roam. i can be your prized possession, a lucky ring accompanying you to every...
Round and Round
4 months ago
End of October, darkness takes over. Nothing but fog occupies my mind. Sweaty palms and puffy eyes, we’re always spinning, round and round. Nothing but fog occupies my mind. A blurred version of you c...
4 months ago
I only had eyes for red dresses, with cloth like satin sheets— the ones tangled up in you and me. Our red— a red that flows like lava, a dangerous beauty that only suffocates, burns, destroys. Our red...
5 months ago
California skies soared overhead as bike wheels screeched on heated pavement, stopping in an instance at the Marshall Taco Bell. Our group of hungry 14-year-olds left no tray untouched. My brother loo...
A Stranger
5 months ago
I could lay no more in the sharp grass of Grand Ledge. Instead, I occupied a blanket, in a crowd of chairs, positioned like a firing squad, all aiming at me. As the high school band played their omino...