fruity .

Me just being a dramatic ass hoe

my brain decides to think about the universe at 2 a.m. 

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8 months ago
I'm gay said the tiny crustacean ; well bi, but those details don't matter in a black and white world. You know, I find it kinda amusing that those who see the world in two tones claim to see the most...
The Dance of Happiness
8 months ago
im feelin that poetry shit: when the nights flow by but you don't say bye too early for goodnights lets watch the stars glow bright and enjoy the breeze, of our thoughts wheeze, when my laugh takes ea...
This Grey Pigeon
8 months ago
There is nothing more complex than the Earth; All its mysteries. Yet, The perfect environment for the human to inhabit while to them who dwell its rugged terrain It inhibits. The perfect experimental ...