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I like writing about thoughts

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Bus Stop
a month ago
I am waiting at the bus stop sitting in the circle of light beneath the lamppost writing on my phone I'm deeply locked in a thought about why I never untuck my shirt until I'm home when the bus flies ...
Right on Time for My 9 to 5
a month ago
20 somethings in suits proud of their jobs proud of their incomes proud of their lunch choice salad, healthy, not like the old days their lives on track nearing the corner gym membership holders filli...
Rech Teckoning
a month ago
we got overnighted insight and now know that things are read before they're read and when we've been seen and when we've been viewed and who our friends are ghostly vibrations breath social dissuasion...
3 months ago
I was peeling a clementine from one of those wooden crates and waiting for the train sitting next to a stranger in a hood it was early and cold a great time to eat a clementine and I was chuffed the b...
Circular Vehicular
3 months ago
when I drive at night on empty open roads sunk comfortably in mountain ranges I'm always driving to the same place transported between yellow and white lines curling over the state lines they drew on ...
Talking to a Chair
3 months ago
the chair I sit across from is made of black leather and has two lines of stitching that look like a set of closed eyes on a frowning face but it's the perfect partner for practicing my cold call whic...