Fiachra O'

I like writing about thoughts, and thoughts on thoughts.

9 hours ago
I was peeling a clementine from one of those wooden crates and waiting for the train sitting next to a stranger in a hood it was early and cold a great time to eat a clementine and I was chuffed the b...
Circular Vehicular
7 days ago
when I drive at night on empty open roads sunk comfortably in mountain ranges I'm always driving to the same place transported between yellow and white lines curling over the state lines they drew on ...
Talking to a Chair
9 days ago
the chair I sit across from is made of black leather and has two lines of stitching that look like a set of closed eyes on a frowning face but it's the perfect partner for practicing my cold call whic...
10 days ago
it was freezing and I was walking to work a man living on the street was all bundled up hey purple tie man! I said hey that's a great color. it was my mom's favorite color. till she passed. I said yea...
Building for a Brick
21 days ago
his life was extinguished like a cigarette tossed in a toilet is a line I wrote a while back but have yet to find a place for cigarettes don't go out they're put out and when they are put out in somet...
21 days ago
where'd you see it last? hearing that question feels like being handed a plastic pail while standing knee deep in water on a sinking ship with no bottom retrace your steps retrace your steps retrace m...