Fatima Elmusbahi

'Thus you came to be,

within the universe.

A shining light amongst dark matter

 and solitary emptiness'

📍UK, Manchester

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Remnants of Her
4 days ago
Hostility. I now stare into a face who no longer mulls an attraction towards my soul, for now, she is repelled from even the slightest draft of my passing. To remember our past conceptions, To remembe...
His Raging Passion
9 days ago
The warmth of you protected and guarded me within your embrace. I was a soul intoxicated in a raging passion and war within myself. For me to be only near you, was a desire to tame and bind as one. Th...
24 days ago
How familiar you seemed to me, that day we serendipitously met. An interception of paths within my everyday mundanity. I walked about my day, executing acts of habit -yet you…. you were completely new...
a month ago
She was a borderline fanatic searching for the smallest of details, that seemed to but warm her heart. A relentless girl longing to find a way of keeping alive, as everyday she grasped tighter and tig...