Emma Bradley

I graduated from The University of Maine at Farmington, with a degree in creative writing. Born and raised in Maine but also a British citizen. 

My personal blog is at https://ebpidden.wixsite.com/pipusmag

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Honey Lips, Honey
7 days ago
The sticky honey was still all over my lips. I licked it off slowly absentmindedly thinking about you when you walked by and my stomach dropped as if you would know just by looking at me what I was th...
Smells of Seasons
7 days ago
The are certain smells of certain places and certain times of year. The smell of spring is a soft smell of flowers rain and dirt. It smells of hope and sunshine. It smells of the freedom of summer. Of...
Sunshine Smiles
20 days ago
He smiles at me like I am sunshine and then sunshine I become. I beam at him like he is the best taco I have ever had. True love is being compared favorably to your lovers favorite food. He looks at m...