Emily Schwartz

Fallen Notes
8 months ago
There is hardly any sounds anymore That aren't mingled with shouts and cries. All the notes have fallen from the pages Where the music dies. There is hardly any harmonies, What's the point without the...
Winchester Brothers
8 months ago
Blurred movement, blurred memories These fragments spill to the floor, Mixing with the blood, sweat and tears. Made it this far under the weight Of failed saviors and gaping wounds. Grab and run, don’...
Diverted by a Butterfly
8 months ago
She doesn’t listen to warnings, Of mind your manners and don’t fight. She hates the mornings, But revels in the late hours of the night. She doesn’t worry about the weather; She goes dancing in the sn...
Gone Away
8 months ago
Gone, whispers the peeling wallpaper. The walls have rotted away by the pursuit Of rainwater and the undeniable dispute Between termites and water vapor. Empty, groans the creaking floorboard. Each si...