Emily Pricone


6 months ago
A crowd forming in my mind You introduced me to the throne Making me curtsey as you bowed beside You took my hand and made me sit atop Reluctance radiated off of me like beams off the stars but you wi...
Killing Me Softly
7 months ago
you don't know why you're mad but we pass looks across the table you blame me i'm distant when i'm thinking you slump into the corner of the booth i don't know why you're mad last night you used both ...
'Hey, My Love...'
7 months ago
It’s the first Friday in November, you called around 11 and left a rambling message ending in “please baby." I knew if I had answered I would let you suck me in like a house caught in a tornado. The e...
We Grew Apart
9 months ago
The way the smell of moss clung to the air in the humid rain in the morning when the sun was barely awake, That was what I fell in love with. The way the mist laid a blanket over the pond as we sat on...
The Ocean Speaks
10 months ago
The waves spoke like thunder against the sand of the desolate beach We stood with yesterday to our backs wondering what was next The roaring sound consumed us and put us in a trance So we sat for a wh...
In a Place of Worship
10 months ago
I'm not your Juliet Though the drop from the balcony looked enticing and the poison circulating through my bloodstream had me on my knees begging for mercy at His feet That's when I noticed her. Churc...