Emily Pricone

Florida&Connecticut .  19 year old gay kid .  Poet . 

My heart is in Rome .  

We Grew Apart
a month ago
The way the smell of moss clung to the air in the humid rain in the morning when the sun was barely awake, That was what I fell in love with. The way the mist laid a blanket over the pond as we sat on...
The Ocean Speaks
2 months ago
The waves spoke like thunder against the sand of the desolate beach We stood with yesterday to our backs wondering what was next The roaring sound consumed us and put us in a trance So we sat for a wh...
In a Place of Worship
2 months ago
I'm not your Juliet Though the drop from the balcony looked enticing and the poison circulating through my bloodstream had me on my knees begging for mercy at His feet That's when I noticed her. Churc...
It's Always You
2 months ago
Jaw clasped tight but my smile still shows I speak through my teeth like a cage covers my mouth My pupils sear into your blood shot corneas, pleading with you to stop talking but you don't stop talkin...
Somebody that I Used to Know
2 months ago
just sit listen to the fire burn you set it look at my heart it turns black you did that feel this, place your hand here feel the hate that you started in me kiss me and taste the metal in my mouth fr...
Invasive Thoughts
2 months ago
An artificial tree in the window of a small coffee shop with songbirds dangling from the branches. Cyclamen in a circle in the grass looking like a fairy ring. A cappuccino with hints of cinnamon floa...