Emily Ericson

I'm an aspiring writer with many stories and opinions to give along with much knowledge to share.

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8 months ago
I marched on Pennsylvania With like-minded warriors. We shouted and carried our words In sober steps, not treading the ground. Patriotism and Liberty were by my side. But simple items can chase them a...
Sweet Vinegar
a year ago
My analytical psychosis That is a box of supernovas Is enough to shove you into insanity, Which will make us perfect for each other. I cry, you laugh. You cry, I laugh. And around we go. Anxiety infil...
a year ago
I'm insane, you say? Is it not possible that it is you To whom you are speaking of? Do you not see? Hear how calm My voice is And its consistent tone. My hands are steady, placed Perfectly two inches ...
2 Much UTube
a year ago
Satan's vocal cords Through the reversed verses Of the Beatle's Revolution No. 9, Will lead 1 2 theorize conspiracy Theories and alien Invasions around Roswell And the Bermuda Triangle. Computer scree...
Selfish Gods
a year ago
Can you see the consequences of your actions? Do you not see the evil that invades our lives? Is your hypocrisy not bad enough to fix? Down with the pursuit of our selfish needs and wants. But it seem...
a year ago
The size of a marble may lead one to infer That the world will fall off the edge Of a pointy cliff and into the abyss of nothingness. The minuscule cells of a four-leaf clover Can still feel misplaced...