ElRey Niffen

I'm a #husband and a #father with a #passion for #writing. 

#poems #poetry #poem #amwriting #horror #love #romance #comedy #life #struggle #create #different #original

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Join the Murder
2 years ago
The crow calls to me from outside my window as it's in the tree perched for it is I that it has searched. The crow is my personal invite to the murder because it's clear I have lost my sight of wrong ...
2 years ago
Always wanted to be like Jesse James, taking the horse by the reins. Each day a new course in it for better or worse. Guns on my hip, giving the law the slip. Midnight runs through the countryside sou...
Ignition and Passion
2 years ago
You start me up like push start ignition, been feeling it all day that sexual tension. You got my full attention looking so beautiful like a Lamborghini. I'm over here acting like Eric yelling for Mr....
Talking with Father
2 years ago
What is this I see before my eyes? An eagle in a tree, it tries to speak to me. Eagle says, "Follow me, for I am father, the way of the warrior, come my child, around the fire we shall gather." Me: "I...
Puerto Rico
2 years ago
Months after hurricanes ripped away love and dreams it's starting to seem like the pain remains. On the dawn of the holiday season the victims have no power, some no turkey or gravy. During all this p...
America Proud
2 years ago
Don't stand before me yelling who's right or wrong when our freedom gets ripped away; either stand by my side or get out the way. This is America, home of the brave and land of the free, or, it used t...